People have been here wanting to trade with other collectors.

Well, here it is, FINALLY a list for all you collectors!!!

All of those below are waiting to trade with YOU! Here are the other collectors, who they collect, thier e mail address, and thier URLs for thier homepages, and home addresses if available to me and given the go ahead to put it on the web. Please contact these individuals by e mail first if possible. If you would like to be listed among these collectors, e mail me the following info: E mail address, who you collect, URL if you have one, home address if you want it listed, and any other info you wish included. Thank you for your visit.

Here we are!!! If I've left you out, please let me know!

Divina Fourman    
1145 CR 900 E
Champaign, IL 61822 USA
I collect Nastassja Kinski magazines and 
clippings, ANYTHING. Also Leonardo DiCaprio
magazines with him on the cover.

Marita(Mia) Juneblahd
Hakmark 497
905 91 UMEA Sweden
I collect Heather Locklear, Kate Winslet,
and Drew Barrymore,especially cover mags!

Joanne Rose
26 Swanpool Ave.
Chelsea Victoria
3196 Australia

Cynthia Smith
I collect the legendary Max
Von Sydow. Anything, please.

Emaline Tourney
4/71 Lord ST
Richmond Melborne
VIC Australia 3149
I am a MAJOR Drew Barrymore 
collector, love her covers!

Gloria Lee
address withheld
I collect anything on Kim
Delany and Jimmy Smits!! 

Cheryl MacQuarrie
I collect Juliette Lewis!

Kevin collects:
Natalie Portman

Jeremy Wood
I collect Shania Twain!

Mike Hanson
He collects the Duke, that would 
be John Wayne to those unfamiliar 
to older westerns!

She collects tons of people and is
always in a trading mood! E her!

She collects Nikki Taylor, Helen
Christiansen and ALOT more! E her
for a full list!

Jill likes Steven Speilberg!
E her for trades!

He likes Farrah and Fran Drescher!
He is a great trader, too!

He collects whole mags with
Madonna on the cover!

She lives in the Philipines!
She collects Hanson!

Cynthia Keenen
She likes Sarah Michelle Geller!

John Ryan
Harrison Ford's biggest fan!

She's a Natalie Wood fan!!!

She wants anything on Don Johnson!!

Sharon Goodrich
Sharon has over 800 Leonardo DiCaprio covers!
oh and she wants more!!!

Kathy is looking for Neil Diamond clippings!

She collects Drew Barrymore, Tori Amos, Kate 
Winslet,Imogen Heap, and Paula Cole! 
She's in Australia!

Miss Jane Sackman
She collects Gary Cooper!!

Valdi lives in Croatia!
He collects Cindy Crawford!!!

John Jenkins lives in MA, USA.
22 1/2 Cresent Street 
Cambridge, MA 02138-1908
He collects Antonio Sabato Jr, and Marky Mark Wahlberg!
Help him out, and he'll help you...

Claire Potter
(Email is
I want anything on Matthew McConaughey.
I'm from Worcester, UK.  Have lots to trade on many celebs.

Jennifer Liao
She collects on the show NesRadio!
The NewsRadio Newsletter

"Otto-von-Guericke-Universitšt" Magdeburg
FNW/ITP Thomas Fischaleck 
PF 4120
39016 Magdeburg 
He wants anything on Calista Flockheart!

Machiko Sayanagi
An Uma Thurman collector......

Catherine Deneuve items are her thing.....

Daniella Alotta
She collects Gina Gershon!

Jennifer Trevino
4425 Christine 
Ft Worth Tx
Charlize Theron, Heather Graham, Angelina Jolie, Anna Kournikova, Martina 
Hingis, Julia Stiles, Jessica Alba, and Marley Shelton maybe Reese Witherspoon

For people who sell clippings and memorabilia, click


Divina Fourman
208 W.Beardsley Ave
Champaign, IL 61820
United States