Dealers of Magazines, Clippings and Celebrity Memorabilia

People who are looking for something have been here times.

Divina Fourman
1145 CR 900 E
Champaign, IL 61822
United States

Looking to buy? Here are my FAVORITES:

Last updated January 2000!
These are people who sell celebrity magazines, clippings or
just neat stuff. I have ordered from these people at LEAST 
once, and more likely, over and over again. It is wise to 
include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The ones accessible
by a web site,are listed below in my links. Do you want to be 
added? Send me a list of what you have available and your info
and I'll help you out!Okay, get your envelopes, stamps and 
writing utensils ready...GO! Oh, by the way, these are not 
listed in any particular order, so I hope none of my buddies 
say, oh, she must like he or she better than me because she 
listed them first, doesn't work that way guys, it's just the 
order I find the addresses, I PROMISE!!!

Eduardo Moreno               :He sells articles,
94-22 46th Ave.              :one per price and
Amherst, NY 11373            :a good sized list!

Sandy Os                     :These are usually
36457 Park Pl.               :whole magazines, at
Sterling Heights, MI         :GREAT prices, and 
48310                        :rare weekly,locals,too!

Joan Seaton                  :Clippings and mags!
7335 Penrith
Mech, VA 23116

Loise Bianco                 :Clippings!
157 Center Lane
Levittown, NY 11756

Tom Stuto                    :Clippings and partial mags.
27 Evans Road
Stoneham, MA 02180

Suzanne Hostler              :More clippings and mags.
1837 13th St
Wyandotte MI 48192

To be continued when I have more time.....and more dealers...

Online catalogs and dealers!!!

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That's Entertainment! Memorabilia
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LNR Collectibles
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Linda Tresham's House of Magazines
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Stargaze Archives
Magazines, clippings, and a talk show episodes with your favorite celeb!!!